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Dreading Colonoscopy Prep? Try Our Easy-Prep Options!

Easy Prep Colonoscopy

The dreaded colonoscopy prep. You’ve heard the stories. Perhaps you’ve even experienced it yourself years ago. Choking down a gallon of nasty, salty, liquid. Drinking it cold or through a straw helps, but not much.

Too much gross tasting liquid keeps people from doing what they really need to do to keep their bodies safe and healthy. Some people hated the idea so much that they waited too long to get their colonoscopy and were diagnosed with cancer because of it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. New options taste better and use a fraction of the total liquid. Some can even be mixed with a tasty sports drink. Here is what some of our San Antonio patients are saying about the new prep options:

  • JoAnn: “The prep wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.  Everyone had me scared that it was a lot of volume, but it was one glass in the evening and one in the morning.  Super easy!”
  • Matt: “The prep was much easier to take (this time).”
  • Keith: “The prep this time was much easier than 10 years ago.”
  • John: “This was my first screening colonoscopy and the negative comments about the prep were not true for me.”
  • Gary: “The new way they do the prep is easy and lets you get a good night’s sleep.”

Don’t avoid scheduling your much-need colonoscopy for fear (or memories) of drinking the prep. Schedule an appointment today and ask your doctor about the new Easy-Prep Colonoscopy prep drinks.

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