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ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss System has been tested and proven to be effective. It can help you break through weight loss barriers and coach you toward healthy habits that will help you keep the weight off in the long run. Find everything you need to know about ORBERA®, living with ORBERA® and success afterward.


Simple Design

ORBERA® is a gastric balloon, which is a simple, yet powerful non-surgical weight loss solution. To begin, the deflated balloon is placed in your stomach and then filled with saline until the approximate size of a grapefruit. The presence of the balloon enforces portion control. After having the balloon for 6 months and receiving coaching from experts, ORBERA® is removed while you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle…and that’s it!


Portion Control

ORBERA® not only enforces portion control by making you feel full, but to be successful you will also have to make healthy lifestyle choices. For 12 months, a team of experts will help you reach your weight loss goals by retraining your appetite, advising on healthy nutritional choices, controlling portion sizes, and developing an exercise routine. Adopting and maintaining these healthy habits will ensure that you succeed with ORBERA®.


3x the Weight Loss of Diet & Exercise Alone

ORBERA® is a two-part program that combines the placement of a weight loss balloon and a customized diet and exercise plan to effectively manage weight loss. After six months with this two-part program, people lost an average 3.1x the weight patients lost with diet and exercise alone. Thousands of people worldwide have safely used ORBERA® to lose weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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What is ORBERA®?

  • Comprehensive two-part program designed to provide effective, motivating results that you can see. With ORBERA® patients on average lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise along.
  • Starts with a soft balloon placed in your stomach for six months to reinforce proper portion control.
  • The ORBERA® balloon take up space in your stomach helps you eat smaller meals.
  • Balloon is temporary and placed in your stomach for six months without surgery or any incisions.
  • Patients will receive coaching from a team of experts, which may include a dietician, psychologist, and exercise physiologist.
  • Coaching continues after balloon is removed at six months for a total of 12 months.

The Procedure: Placement and removal

  • Non-surgical procedure done under a mild sedative, the thin and deflated ORBERA® balloon is placed into the stomach. It is then filled with saline until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. The procedure typically takes about 20-30 minutes so you can go home the very same day.
  • At six months, the balloon is removed in the same way it was placed. Through a non-surgical procedure done under a mild sedative, it is deflated first then removed.

What to Expect?

  • The weight loss is rapid with the majority of weight loss typically occurring in the first three months of treatment.
  • On average patients lost 3.1 times the weight loss of diet and exercise alone.
  • The adjustments to your eating habits and your continued efforts to stay active will greatly influence your results.

BMI Calculator

Use the BMI Calculator to accurately compute your BMI and the health category.

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To qualify for ORBERA®, you should:

  • Be an adult
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 to 40
  • Be willing to participate in a medically supervised program

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ORBERA® Advantage

  • After six months with the ORBERA® two-part program, people lost an average 3.1x the weight patients lost with diet & exercise alone.
  • Proven to keep the weight off even after the balloon is removed.
  • A more than 20 year history of helping thousands of people lose weight.
  • More than 220,000 ORBERA® balloons have been distributed worldwide in over 80 countries.
  • With the FDA approval of ORBERA®, patients now have a safe and effective treatment option.


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