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4 At-Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids


Pain and itching in an embarrassing place. Everyday activities that are now uncomfortable. Discussing your discomfort makes you feel self-conscious and uneasy. If you’ve had them before, you know what hemorrhoids feel like and how irritating and disruptive they can be.

When veins in your lower rectum and anus become swollen, hemorrhoids form. They can cause pain, itching, anal leaking, and painful bowel movements. Two types of hemorrhoids are external, which develop in the skin surrounding the anus, or internal, which develop inside the rectum.

Hemorrhoids are common. They are caused by increased pressure from straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, or being overweight, are very common. The majority of adults will experience them. But just because hemorrhoids are common doesn’t mean that you want to live with them any longer than you have to. Fortunately, there are several home remedies that can relieve the pain, swelling, and inflammation of hemorrhoids.

1. Eat Fiber-rich Foods

Eating foods that are rich in fiber, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, can help with the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Foods high in fiber soften stool and increase bulk, which leads to less straining during bowel movements. Be careful to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Adding too much fiber too fast can lead to gas.

2. Use Topical Treatments

Some over the counter treatments for hemorrhoids can help manage symptoms. If you use creams or suppositories, make sure that they have hydrocortisone. You can also use pads with witch hazel or a numbing agent to help relieve symptoms.

3. Soak in a Bath

Soaking in a bath or a sitz bath may provide relief. Soak your anal area in plain warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, two to three times per day. A sitz bath, which fits over a toilet, may be more convenient.

4. Take Oral Pain Medication

Pain medication can temporarily relieve discomfort. You can use acetaminophen (Tylenol) or aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, or others) as directed.

Need Another Option?

If at-home treatments don’t work or you’re looking for an effective solution, hemorrhoid banding may be right for you. Hemorrhoid banding is a painless, non-surgical procedure. It takes only five minutes!

Hemorrhoid banding is performed in your urologist’s office. During the procedure, your urologist will use an applicator to place a small rubber band over the base of the hemorrhoid. This restricts the blood flow. Because there aren’t any nerves at the base of a hemorrhoid, this procedure is completely painless. You’ll be able to return to your normal life immediately.

The hemorrhoid will shrink over the next few days. It will eventually fall off during a bowel movement. You may not notice when it does.

If your hemorrhoids aren’t clearing up, keep recurring, or are too painful and disruptive, schedule an appointment today

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