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How to Get Rid of Nausea

How to Get Rid of Nausea

From time to time, we all struggle with nausea. Whether your nausea is caused by motion sickness, stress, pregnancy, constipation, or a side effect of medications, there are many things you can do to ease your stomach and get rid of nausea. Here are some everyday things you can try to alleviate your nausea and return to feeling great.

Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can worsen nausea. Make sure your nausea is not caused by dehydration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if it’s just one sip at a time.

Try Some Ginger: Ginger has natural anti-nausea properties, making it an excellent home remedy for nausea. If you’re experiencing nausea, consider drinking some ginger tea or ginger ale, sucking on ginger candy, or even try snacking on a slice of fresh ginger to help soothe your stomach.

Eat Small, Bland Meals: Eating small meals of bland foods is best when experiencing nausea. Avoid eating greasy or spicy foods, which can worsen your nausea. Examples of bland foods include toast, crackers, rice, eggs, and bananas.

Add Lemon to Your Water: Lemons contain citric acid, which can help relieve nausea. Adding lemon to your water and sipping it throughout the day can be a simple and easy way to reduce your symptoms.

Avoid Strong Odors: If you are experiencing nausea, especially from pregnancy or chemotherapy, strong smells such as cooking odors, perfumes or fragrances, or cigarette smoke can trigger and worsen your nausea.

Peppermint: Peppermint can soothe the stomach and be an excellent natural remedy to try. If dealing with nausea, try sipping some peppermint tea or sucking on a peppermint candy. It’s important to note, however, that peppermint can make acid reflux worse. So, if your nausea is due to acid reflux or GERD, it’s best to avoid peppermint.

Avoid Triggers: If you are dealing with persistent nausea, it may be helpful to identify specific triggers and then make an effort to avoid them. Some people find that their nausea is made worse by certain foods, activities, environments, or smells.

Try Chamomile: Chamomile is a common and ancient remedy for nausea. If you are struggling with nausea, drinking a cup of warm chamomile tea can not only eliminate your nausea but may also improve the quality of your sleep and help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

Practice Deep Breathing: Breathing deeply for a few minutes can help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety. Taking the time to slow your breathing or meditating may also help reduce your nausea.

When to See Your Doctor

Most often, nausea is a minor inconvenience that typically goes away without much intervention. In other cases, nausea can become persistent and bothersome and cause other concerning symptoms. If your nausea is accompanied by vomiting, abdominal pain, or blood in your stool or vomit, it’s time to speak with a doctor.

If you have concerns about chronic nausea, schedule an appointment today!

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