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Ryan Reynolds Has Polyp Discovered During a Screening Colonoscopy. Removing It May Have Saved His Life.

Reynolds Colonoscopy

Ryan Reynolds recently turned 45, which meant it was time to begin screening colonoscopies. He and Rob McElhenney shared their colonoscopy experiences with the world. In partnership with Lead From Behind, a colon cancer awareness group, the pair created a video to highlight the importance of screening colonoscopies.

In the video, Reynolds says “It’s a simple step that could literally, and I mean literally, save your life.” He’s right – during a colonoscopy, any polyps that are found are removed. Since polyps can become cancerous over time, removing them stops cancer from forming. Colorectal cancer is still a leading cause of cancer-related deaths.

Both Reynolds and McElhenney had polyps removed. Reynolds had one that was “extremely subtle”, according to his doctor. McElhenney had three polyps removed. Neither had any symptoms. This highlights the importance of getting a colonoscopy on time starting at the age of 45. Had they waited until 50 or later, those polyps may have already turned into cancer.

Reynold’s doctor, Dr. Jon LaPook told him, “This was potentially life-saving for you — I’m not kidding, I’m not being overly dramatic.”

The actors each remarked about how simple the procedure was. And because they had done so well with their prep, their doctors had clear views. This highlights how important it is to follow instructions for colonoscopy prep, so that the procedure is more accurate.

Don’t delay scheduling your first screening colonoscopy if you are 45 or older – schedule an appointment today!


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