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Video: Dr. Sajneet Khangura Describes The Three Types of Colon Cancer Screenings

Dr. Sajneet Khangura discussed the three major screening categories for colon cancer in a recent video presentation.

There are three major categories of screening: colonoscopy, CT colonography, and stool tests.

During a colonoscopy, also known as flexible sigmoidoscopy, the doctor uses a camera to view the inside of the colon. If growths or polyps are found, they are removed. This prevents them from turning into cancer.

Colonoscopy is categorized as a one-step test. This is because polyps that are found are immediately addressed. CT colonography and stool-based tests are not one-step tests. If either is positive, a colonoscopy needs to be performed.

A positive CT colonography or stool test does not mean you actually have a pre-cancerous polyp or cancer. It only indicates there is a possibility something is there and should be investigated further.

Watch Dr. Sajneet Khangura explain the types of colon cancer screenings here:


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