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San Antonio Patients Share Colonoscopy Stories

Colonoscopy Screening

By now you probably know that doctors recommend colonoscopy screenings for colon cancer starting at age 45. You may also know that colonoscopies save lives. But you probably haven’t heard these colonoscopy stories from your friends and neighbors in San Antonio:

Suzanne shared:
“My husband’s life was saved by his colonoscopy for sure!! He had colon cancer and didn’t know it! He is alive today because of this easy painless procedure! I also had a colonoscopy no sweat the procedure was fast easy and it is a relief to be checked.”

Tracey shared:
“I’ve had 3 colonoscopies with 10, 7 and 3 polyps removed in that order. My sister passed away from colon cancer the day before her 60th birthday. She never had a colonoscopy due to fear. After her diagnosis she told everyone to have it done. She battled for 4 years. The prep is no fun but the procedure itself was a breeze. I have mine done on a regular basis.”

Lisa shared:
“I am the reason why they say you need to have them at 45. A colonoscopy likely saved my life. I was 48, had side pain when I hit my side on a ride at Sea World so I had a ct scan. Next came to colonoscopy and ultimately a mass removal that was one cell change away from cancer. No symptoms. I sent my younger brother my test results and they immediately did one on him. Luckily he was good. Had I waited until I was 50 who knows what my diagnosis would be.”

Rhonda shared:
“My first colonoscopy results revealed follicular Lymphoma. I had no symptoms. So it definitely prevented disease progression. I’ve been in remission for 10 years.”

Anne shared:
“Getting a colonoscopy – because of some symptoms – and finding out that everything was OK was a huge relief. Knowledge is power.”

Linda shared:
“I was 73 before I finally had my first colonoscopy. Dr. Salameh was so reassuring that I was not worried about the procedure. His staff was also excellent! He found one polyp, excised it & sent to pathology & as he opined, it came back negative. I will have another 3 years from this one & that should be my last! Prep wasn’t as bad as I feared & the procedure was a piece of cake! Took it easy for a day…no gas or discomfort whatsoever! Highly recommend Dr. Salameh & Gastroenterology Consultants of SA!”

If you’re 45 or older and have been putting off your colonoscopy, schedule a colonoscopy consultation today.

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