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What is a colonoscopy?

Dr. David Pryor Jones answers the question:

What is a colonoscopy?


From the video:

Want to take a moment to show you a typical colonoscopy procedure room, which I’m standing in right now, and some of the equipment that we use. When a patient comes in to a colonoscopy, they would typically be positioned right in front of me and in front of them is a video screen and a monitor with which I can watch the patient and monitor their vital signs.

The colonoscopy involves an optical device that’s placed in through the patient’s rectum, and traverse through the entirety of the colon to allow for visualization of abnormalities within the colon. Most commonly those abnormalities would be a polyp, and the design of a colonoscopy is not just to identify a problem, but to fix it and treat it at the same time.

What I’m holding in my hands is a typical adult colonoscope, which is a small device that used to be fiber optic, now it contains the digital chip that I can see on a high-resolution monitor to be able to look at all facets of the patient’s colon, that is placed through the patients colon ,and it takes about 10 to 12 minutes to do the entire procedure from start to finish. And if there are any polyps that I identify that can be treated right there. Patients would then go off to the recovery room and wake up, typically without any symptoms you were having undergone any procedure at all, and then I’ll be able to tell them that the findings from their colonoscopy.

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